Yoga SUP Wellness Costa Rica Surf Retreat ~ All Inclusive

  • $1,895.00


                                Chick Sticks Lauren Abraham Instructed Yoga SUP Real Surf Trip.  All Inclusive in Beautiful

                                Costa Rica.  Offered by Premier Surf Camp Real Surf Trips. Includes Transportation,

                                Accomodations and Food. 

                        Stand Up Paddle/Surf and Yoga Vacation Package 

                                            A Life Changing Experience with action sports yogi Lauren Abraham                                                   


                                            Immerse yourself into The Lauren Abraham Life Experience with professional action sports

                                            yogi Lauren Abraham. Diving you head first into her own customized Real Surf Trips SUP/Surf

                                            Yoga retreat.  Lauren shares her mother nature approach to health, wellness, and fitness.

                                            Through her personal tricks and tips to a life of anti-aging health, mind & body flexibility and

                                            true athleticism. Whether you are a novice paddler, beginner yogi, or avid surfer this Retreat

                                            is for you.  Lauren’s Retreat will gift you an experience like none other, guaranteed to make you

                                            feel lighter, leaner, stronger and more empowered than when you arrived.


                                            Through your 7 day experience of SUP/Surf, yoga, hiking, biking, and a delicious introduction to

                                            what an anti-aging diet looks like, that you can take with you and forever continue your experience

                                            of reconnection to both earth, source, and true self.


                            Balance & Lifestyle

                                        Parsva Bakasana (Side Crane Pose)


                                            Let’s start a morning with bold organic coffees, fresh eggs, and fruit of the land, followed

                                            with a guided Tadasana sun salutation stretch session, then jump right into the 85 degree

                                            emerald waters for an amazing start to the week of Stand Up Paddling and surfing. Bring your

                                            own boards or enjoy the fleet of toys that Lauren’s sponsors happily gifted for your ultimate

                                            experience. Nothing is holding you back other than the ties that bind you and we welcome you

                                            to the place where you can sever them all.


                                            A freshly caught seafood lunch and organic salad is the perfectly balanced meal for our afternoon

                                           of yoga and evening SUP/surf session. Feel like staying on the beach or exploring a little bit? Lauren

                                           and her trusted team love doing that too and look forward to trekking the rain forest and showing you

                                           mother natures playground either on foot or by bike. Perhaps we just feeling like jumping up on a white

                                           horse and trotting the village cowboy style, we love that too!


                            Reconnect with Mother Nature


                                        Either way, the sun will set and our hair will have gotten wet by then, our bodies will be feeling

                                        amazingly limber and our taste buds satisfied with every bite from the fresh local cuisine custom

                                        catered to Lauren’s signature anti inflammatory diet, showcasing the nutrition basics of anti-aging.

                                        Through days of adventure in mother natures playground, sun salutations, and decadence through

                                        the taste buds, you are well on your way to seeing that life can be that much sweeter, with a little

                                        bit of self love and reconnection to mother earth. Lauren’s approach to life will show you how a

                                        connection to Mother Nature is truly one of the keys to a great life,. What better place to learn this

                                        beautiful life principle other than at our beautiful Playa oasis.


SUP and Yoga Package Pricing


Price per person

Feb 23 – Mar 2
$1,895 early-bird sign up before year end
Apr 13 – Apr 20
$2,195 after January 1st
May 18 – May 25