Chick Sticks Girls Surfboards by Lola

                                                                          Chick Sticks Team Rider ♥ Annie Mitchell ♥ and her Starlette 


                                           Chick Sticks Pro Series is top of the line Performance . The board models offered in the Chick Sticks Pro

                                            Series have been totally tweaked for Ultimate Performance.  The perfect combination of Nose and Tail Rocker,

                                            Contour and Concave offer a High Performing, Responsive board with more Flex.

                                            Chick Sticks offers shapes with the most aggressive technology in the industry. Chick Sticks Pro Series will take

                                             your Surfing to the next level!! Shaped to your Custom Dimensions or Standard  Size 9.0 x 19.50 x 2.75 if not

                                             specified at check out. Volume 64.1 L


                                              Construction PU $1140


                                             Chick Sticks Starlette is a high performance traditional longboard.  The spoon nose concave

                                  planes out for nose riding and the stable deck allows for walking.   This Girl Friendly board is

                                  easy to paddle with a narrower deck which fits girls body better.  The squad tail carves and holds. 

                                  Lightweight and Super Responsive.   Designed for the Intermediate to Advanced Surfer. 


                                         Features Full Deck and Bottom Paint with Lolas Peace Out Art or Starz Design.


                                                                                                           Peace Out








                                                               ADD A GO PRO MOUNT TO YOUR NOSE, TAIL OR BOTH!! $30 FOR EACH MOUNT.


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