Surf Coach Sean Mattison Competition Surf Camps

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Summer Surfing Competition Camps with USA Coach Sean Mattison

                                    Competitive Training                

                                        2013 COMPETITION SURF CAMPS ARE NOW ENROLLING!

                                        Competitive Surfing Today
                                        Competitive surfing is an extremely popular and lucrative activity, both for its participants and its sponsors. 

                                        Big contest budgets and large prize money is fueling participation both from contestants and fans around

                                        the world The growing popularity of professional and amateur surfing events has resulted in a new era of

                                        competitive aggression among the all divisions of both male and female surfers. To make it to the top ranks

                                        today requires an array of technical skills and consistent surfing performance. Surf Coach USA is the leading

                                        surf training program for surfers who desire to improve their competitive advantage. We focus on the core

                                        competition fundamentals, teaching strategies and disciplines designed to win heats and progress personal


                                        SURF COACH USA Summer Core Competition Surfing Camps
                                        Our core Competition Surf Camps and classes are designed for the intermediate to advanced students who

                                        are participating or plan to become a competitor in the various amateur surfing leagues. The comprehensive

                                        program covers physical training and stretching, to heat strategies, time management, wave positioning,

                                        competition rules and regulations and general surfing technique. Space availability for the core camps is limited,

                                        advanced registration is recommended.

                                        SURF COACH USA will be conducting Competition Surf Boot Camps 2013 this summer in Oceanside, CA.

                                        The surf camps are structured as a week long intensive course in competitive contest training.

                                        The Core Competition Surf Camp was developed to work with athletes through the competition season. Focused

                                        on "Core" individuals that want consistent training so they can compete at their highest level. These Groups are

                                        held at the Oceanside Harbor on Wednesday afternoons from 3:45 pm till 5:30pm.

                                        Core Competition Surf Camp Schedule and Dates

                                        Summer Surf Camp Dates                

                                        Surf Camp Dates:
                                        Space is Limited - Book Now!!


                                        SESSION #1 JULY 29 - AUGUST 2

                                        SESSION #2 AUGUST 5 - AUGUST 9

                                        SESSION #3 AUGUST 12 - AUGUST 16

                                               Times: 6:30 AM - 9:30 AM | Mon - Fri

                                                Location: Oceanside, CA. Between Tyson St. & Sea Gaze St. - South of the pier ;

                                                South of lifeguard tower #3

                                                Cost: Sessions are normally $375 per student per week - CHICK STICKS IS

                                                OFFERING A SPECIAL RATE OF ONLY $300 FOR A FULL WEEK OF INTENSIVE

                                                 TRAINING Space is limited - Must have at least 4 participants to conduct the session