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Surf Angel Necklaces - 3 Designs


                      Chick Sticks Surfboards is an Authorized Dealer for Surf Angel products.
                      My Surf Angel products are on close out so please take advantage of the
                      reduced price and limited supply.  Lola Jade, Founder of Chick Sticks





                  Surf Angel    

                  Surf Clouds  

                  Angel Kiss


                                                       TURTLE - OUT OF STOCK!!

                                                LIMITED SUPPLY ONCE SOLD OUT THEY ARE GONE!!





                                                         Surf Angel Necklaces

                                                         Bring the beauty of Surf Angel everywhere you go. A unique pendant hangs from a

                                                         beautiful multi-ribbon necklace.

                                                          Was $11.99 Reduced to $5.99 each

                                                         Your choice of 3 magical images...



                        surf angel childrens necklace   


Surf Angel Necklaces - 3 Designs

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