Indo Board Yoga Trainer Complete Package - Cork Deck

  • $390.00


                    Indo Board.  The Board Sport for Everyone Everywhere.

                                               The Indo Board Yoga Package includes Indo Board Gigante' Cushions to place under the included
                                               Cork Yoga Indo board fo. The included cushion other uses include using it under any size surfboard
                                               without fins to get a balance workout by simply placing the board on top of the cushions and keeping
                                               the board from touching the ground. This is also an excellent Stand Up Paddle trainer for gyms to
                                               challenge thier students with the instability encountered.  
                                               Indo Board SUP Yoga Trainer Complete Package - Cork Price $390


                • 24 inch diameter polyvinyl cushion (mouth inflatable)
                • Can be used with any of our decks
                • Deck does not slide or roll on the cushion
                • Recommended for all ages and ability levels
                • Mouth inflatable valve system allows you to change the inflation levels
                • Supports up to 450 pounds