Indo Board Original Doodle Deck with Roller ~ NEW!

  • $159.95


                    Indo Board.  The Board Sport for Everyone Everywhere.

                                       The Indo Original is the easiest model to learn on offering hours of fun for riders of all ages and abilities.
                                       The basic goal is to ride the Indo Board as long as possible while keeping the board from touching the
                                       ground. Designed for fun while exercising the core muscles involved in balance. You can learn all the
                                       moves you want on this model. When you have this model wired and want to progress to the next level
                                       then consider stepping up to one of our Pro models.  Price $150.95

                                       Demo DVD provided FREE with the purchase of any Indo Board Balance Trainer.

  •                                   30" x 18" deck
  •                                   250 pound maximum weight limit ~ 6.5" diameter roller

                                           THIS ONE IS LOLAS FAVORITE!!



                                            The Indo Original Doodle was illustrated by Happy Hour Design's Kenny Gibbs with an integrated Indo

                                            Board logo and textured deck that includes the IndoFLO Balance Cushion and Original Roller. Indo Boards

                                            are fun and guaranteed to improve your balance, core stability and overall posture. (Includes Original Deck,

                                            Original Roller & Demo DVD)