Chick Sticks Girls Surfboards by Lola

FCS Performance Fins PC-2 Tri Set



                                                              Lightweight performance fin with responsive tip flex and hydrodynamic foil on

                                                              the side fins. This versatile template offers a balance of speed, drive and


                                                              IDEAL CONDITIONS

                                                              A wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks.

                                                              BOARD TYPES

                                                              All board types.

                                                              FIN SIZE

                                                              X-SMALL (Under 120 lbs)

                                                              FIN SPECS

                                                              Base: 4.26" / 108mm Depth: 4.22" / 107mm Area: 13.03"² / 8405mm²

                                                              Sweep: 32.3° Foil: IFT


                                                               Price: $76



FCS Performance Fins PC-2 Tri Set

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