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Ember Arts Short Multi Color Necklace



                        An ember is the memory of a flame that has died, and the seed of a flame that is to come. We exist to kindle

                        these embers back into flames. It’s our mission to support them in achieving their dreams. Our business exists to

                        renew hope. We partner with women in Uganda, East Africa to create beautiful jewelry using recycled paper and

                        plastic. Through this connection to the American market our Ugandan partners are able to rebuild their lives and

                        families, and rekindle their hopes and dreams, after a devastating civil war. They embody the unquenchable ember

                        of the human spirit.           

                 We saw their beautiful recycled paper jewelry, helped them tailor it so that American customers would love it, and started

                 a fair trade partnership. And we began training them how to manage and save their money, and how to take 

                 on new entrepreneurial opportunities. We helped them open bank accounts and found their own business. And we committed

                 to them that we would put their needs first in our partnership.




                                        Fun, colorful, and it goes with everything.                                  


                                         Each handmade, recycled piece is unique in its exact colors, and has been purchased at fair trade prices from our

                                         partners in Uganda. Each piece comes with a story card that shares the story of the women who made it. Because

                                         Hope is beautiful and Every Woman has a Dream.  *Due to availability of recycled products colors are

                                        constantly changing. Please allow Ember to select a beautiful replacement color if your choice is not available.

                                        You are purchasing a One of a Kind, Hand Made item that Supports the Women Ember Arts.




                                         Short Multi Color Necklace.  Price $19




Ember Arts Short Multi Color Necklace

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