Chick Sticks Girls Surfboards by Lola

Chick Sticks Skateboards are Made in California, USA and constructed of hard wood Maple with only the highest quality components offered on our completes. All of these boards bring something unique to the Girls Skate market including Girl Friendly sized decks and modifications to make your Skate Session the Ultimate Experience. Lola's original artwork is featured on the decks.    


The Chick Sticks Daisy Crusher is so Bomb.  The teeny Cruisers can be hard to ride but this unique shape and size result in a Stable little Cruiser that’s Super Fun.  The unique 30 inch x 7 1/2 inch deck has a nice little kick on the tail to make it easier to pull off  your Tricks.  5 inch Lightning Pop Yellow Cyan Trucks, Yellow ¼ inch Risers, ATM Abec 5 Fast As Hell Bearings and Supa Dupa Soft Iron Horse Funner Wheels in either Lemon Yellow or Hot Pink get you Rollin’.  Buy just the Deck or get the Complete Set up ready to Shred.  A Retro Neon Pink, Green, Yellow and Turquoise design with Flowers, Stars and Peace Signs make this board the Perfect blend of Girlie Girl and Tomboy.



Standard Length: 30"
Standard Width: 7.50"


The Chick Sticks Daisy Crusher Cruiser

5 inch Painted Trucks*

1/4 Inch Risers

ATM ABEC 5 Fast As Hell Bearings

Iron Horse Funner 60 mm Cruiser Wheels


Price $45 Deck Only  

Price $129 Fully Set Up Ready to Shred  


Truck Colors:

Pink, Blue, Yellow


*Components may change according to availability


  The Chick Sticks Daisy Crusher is the PERFECT Size Cruiser for Girls!!  


  Bomb Squad Team Rider ♥ Savannah Fliers



   Grom Squad Team Rider  Tanna Lerner