Chick Sticks Girls Surfboards by Lola






               This is the Official Apparel the Chick Sticks Bomb Squad Surf Team wears bearing the Chick Sticks Girl Logo.

               Chick Sticks Girl is on the Front and the Signature Chick Sticks Heart logo is on the Rear Hip.  These Ringer

               style tops are super cute and high quality 100% Cotton and only $14


                             CHICK STICKS SURFBOARDS Ringer (not pictured) Available in Small and Medium


                                  chick sticks girls surfboards



                           CHICK STICKS GIRL Ringer Available in Small Only!




                                                         Back has the Chick Sticks Heart Logo :)           




                                                                                    ♥ TANNA 


              Also available with the Chick Sticks Performance Surfboards logo

             CHICK STICKS PERFORMANCE SURFBOARDS ringer 1 - Small 1 - Medium

            chick sticks girls surfboards oceanside california  Front

           ticks girls surfboards oceanside california Back