Chick Sticks Girl by Lola Jade Grom Work Out Shorts and Surf Top

  • $22.00


                            I Love the fact that my Chick Sticks Girl by Lola Jade

                            are not only Hand Made in California but each of these

                            pieces can be paired together for surfing, swimming or

                            working out. And all of these pieces offer the coverage an

                            active girl needs. My tops feature criss cross or I-back styles

                            that stay on while surfing and my bottoms are super cute

                            with the coverage needed to not only be cute but stay on

                            while surfing, especially after a duck dive. Finally, an

                            affordable surf work out line that designed by a surfer girl

                            for surfer girls!!




                            Coming Late 2013...Chick Sticks Girl by Lola Jade.

                            Surf, Swim and Work Out pieces. And after Surf too,

                            cover ups, changing robe, leg warmers, totes and beach bags.

                            XO from Lola Jade



                                                ♥ CHYNNA