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The CHICK STICKS Factory is located in Oceanside, Ca USA and builds Surfboards specifically for Girls. These boards are more than catchy names and beautiful paint jobs, these are performance shapes with Girl Friendly modifications.  These performance boards for Girls have just the right amount of Volume to help with paddling, catching waves and duck diving. Chick Sticks offers softer noses and tails, dimensions that work for Girls and attention to rocker, concave and rails to help you when you’re just starting out or to take your surfing to the next level. Chick Sticks are Shape 3d designed, CNC 3dm milled and then hand shaped.



CHICK STICKS uses only the highest quality blanks, colored stringers and glue line with multiple fin set ups to make every shape as versatile as possible.  Lola's Factory does everything ‘in house’ to keep the quality exceptional and all boards come with Full Paint and Fins.  Chick Sticks offers 24 unique board models to choose from in either Poly (PU), Epoxy (EPS) XPS with high performance Hydroflex Glassing. Upgrade to the Convex Engineered Pro Series and choose from many Full Carbon options. Each comes with a fresh and beautiful full airbrush and Chick Sticks offers a Board for every ability and surf condition.  Choose from over 50 beautiful paint options that Lola designs herself that are hand painted on each board.  



CHICK STICKS promotes healthy lifestyle and family fun thru Surfing and Skateboarding and proudly supports the Local Schools, The Surfrider Foundation and North County Coastal Beaches of Carlsbad by donating Surfboards for their fundraising efforts and has been featured in Women’s Surf Style Magazine, Soaked Magazine, Surf Sister Magazine, JettyGirl, Grind TV, TransWorld Business, the 2012 Holiday Shredders Gift Guide, the 2013 Women’s Surf Style Magazine Annual Surfer Christmas Gift and Stocking Stuffer Guide, LA Fashion Week, The Breaks Surf Movie, the Bug Out Movie, Motovaded Magazine, multiple Blogs and is currently featured in on ongoing Series with the BYOB Orange County TV Series.  Chick Sticks are high quality performance Surfboards and the only Brand designed by Girls for Girls and that’s Ultimate Girl Power!




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ABOUT LOLA JADE: My Surfer Girl in the making began in Southern California on an 8.0 foamie board that was No Bueno. I had no control, it was uncomfortable, and was way too big for me to even think about learning to turn.  And the embarrassment factor, I hated driving around with that big ugly Kook Board on top of my Car! I did the 9.0 longboard and ended up bruised and battered and stitches in my head. Despite everyone telling me I had to progress from ‘The Annihilator’ as I called it that I was struggling with to an even longer board, I knew there had to be another option. 


I bought my Surf Instructors 5.9 Quad Fish. What a shock, but it was built for a guy over 6 feet tall and 190 pounds so it had plenty of foam and width to keep me up in the whitewash as I mastered my popup's. That Sweet Board took me from my Queen of the Whitewash days to open face waves. I had shapers make customs for me using my input and R&D because the off the rack guys boards weren’t working. My friends and then soon strangers were buying MY personal boards and that's how the whole concept behind Chick Sticks came about. I wanted to share my idea of Surfboards for Girls that are comfortable and easier to surf than traditional Boards. With the exception of the Little Screamer, these are boards designed for Girls that you can learn to Surf on. You really Can learn to surf on a shorter board, I did!


These are my own board models my Factory and I developed with a lot of R&D put in to them to make them Perfect for Girls of All Skill Levels. Each board model has unique features and are Girl Friendly.  These are truly the Finest Performance Boards on the Market.  Lola Jade is the My Savvy Sisters 2013 Sister of the Year. This is a Girl Owned Girl Power Brand, the real deal, with everything Proudly Made in the USA Baby!!  XO from Lola Jade







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Chick Sticks Surfboards ~ Oceanside, California USA



Chick Sticks and Lola proudly Support The Surfrider Foundation and The California State Beach Preservation Committee by Donating Surfboards each year for their Fundraising Efforts towards Teaching and Promoting Good Beach and Ocean Stewardship.


 Lola and Chick Sticks also Support Cat/Canine C.A.R.E. by donating royalties. This is very close to Lola's heart, being the Huge Animal Lover and self proclaimed Animal Rescuer that she is. Funded entirely by private grants and donations from individuals who love animals. CARE rescues at-risk dogs and cats without regard for their health status, age or adoptability, and seeks responsible homes for them. Unlike most rescue groups, there are no time limits. Whether it takes 7 days or 7 years, C.A.R.E. rescues have a home for life! Learn more about C.A.R.E. and how you can help by visiting http://www.care4pets.org/index.php.




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