Keep a Breast I Love Boobies


i love boobies!

i love boobies! is KAB’s signature breast cancer outreach and awareness program.  We want to remove the shame associated with breasts and breast health, and this message represents our positive approach to breast cancer dialogue.  The program resonates with young people, and encourages them to be open and active about breast cancer prevention.

The program gives young people impacted by breast cancer the chance to express and connect with others.  Wearing an i love boobies! bracelet or shirt proclaims, “I love my boobies, and I choose to take care of them!” It is a message about how important it is to appreciate, respect and love your breasts and yourself.  Knowing you body and your breasts is the first step to prevention.

How does it support the KAB mission?

i love boobies! has successfully initiated a dialogue among young people about breast cancer. Is has proven to be a doorway to involvement in KAB’s other programs, and has brought the subject of early onset breast cancer to the national media. Revenues from i love boobies! cause merchandise has allowed KAB to broaden its reach and provide grant money supporting important studies.