Thank you very much. Your customer service is impeccable, probably one of the best I've ever had online.  Kccrall HI

                                        Surfer girls these boards are HOTTTTT!!!!! Whether you are just
                                        learning, or have been surfing since you were a tiny tot, this is the
                                        board for you. I got the
Vixen which is there version of a fish for the
                                        summer, and I seriously have not ever been more stoked on a board
                                        in my life. It was custom made so since I'm only five foot when I have
                                        had a fish type board in the past, they have always felt to wide for
                                        me. I felt like I couldn't really dig in deep so I sometimes had
                                        problems catching waves. But not with my Vixen! I can paddle
                                        quick and be the first one on it every time. It also turns on a dime so
                                        I can carve it up. They have several different types of boards and
                                        several different paint choices. You won't only be the envy of the
                                        water because you have a high end board that stands out
                                        with cutting edge latest and greatest shapes that are specifically
                                        made for a womens body type, you will also have one of the cutest,
                                        coolest boards out there as well. These boards stand out from the
                                        crowd with thier unique designs and colors and I love that they are
                                        a all women board company!!!!

                                        Autumn F 9/7/11


                                         I ordered my traction pad on Sunday and received it on THURSDAY. Already been on my board for 5 

                                         sessions.   Very pleased  with the whole process, thank you.  KC


                                        The best surfboards in the water!  AB




Lola, I finally had a chance to ride my new custom made vixen for the first time today!! The waves are typical Gulf Coast, mushy and small, but I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the board. It literally glides through the water! It was the smoothest ride and picked up speed very well. Oh, and I had the joy of being on an amazingly painted board while riding!! Thanks again and you'll be getting some pics of me riding it once we have some decent surf around here. Thanks again for your guidance and professionalism! Share the stoke!! ♥ ♥ ♥ —