Lola Blake
Designer’s Surfboard company:
Chick Sticks by Lola
WEBSITE: www.chicksticksbylola.com

WSSM:  Tell us about yourself, and how you got started in the surf-- and now, surfboard design business? Did someone help you, did you got to school for it, what were some hurdles you had to clear, etc.

LOLA BLAKE:  I eat, sleep and breathe my Chick Sticks and I Love every minute of it! I went from Racing PWC on the National Circuit to learning how to Surf and was instantly hooked. I'm pretty small so right away the bigger boards weren't working for me and I ended learning on my Instructors little 5.9 'shortie'. I was always the Kook with the Cool boards. Painted, named, designs on the deck with neon wax, you name it. I couldn't find what I wanted so I decided to make my own boards that were the shapes guys were riding with some changes to make them girl friendly. And of course I wanted them Awesome looking. I started out with Ezera last year, Dave (Pearson) has since moved to Nicaragua and Luiz Masuzzo shapes my boards now and I have overtaken the factory with Pink. It’s been a challenge doing everything on my own but it’s all come together and I have Dealers coming on board now and Sales Reps and Chick Sticks is growing. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about how Chick Sticks has turned in to a full fledged board company.    

WSSM:  Your surfboards are no ordinary boards with a few token flowers sprinkled on them-- making them "girl friendly". Tell us what makes your boards especially unique?

LOLA BLAKE:  My boards are all Performance shapes for sure. Five of my eight board models are 5 fin options. Every one has attention to the rocker, rails, dimensions and each shape offers something unique and specific for every skill level. I wanted a full line up so I offer a Grom board on up to a traditional 9.0 Longboard and everything in between. I didn't want to leave any girls out. I think the one liner I use, ‘Find YOUR board at chicksticksbylola.com’ definitely applies.

WSSM:  What do you consider the top 3 most important things to consider when designing your surfboards?

LOLA BLAKE:  The most important thing has always been that my boards WORK. And Girl Friendly means, easier to paddle, narrower tails so easier to duck dive, softer noses so a little more forgiving and lastly that they are beautiful. I have 20 paint designs and more to come. I draw up my paint designs and take them to my painter and I offer Girly Girl and Tomboy designs and things no one else has ever done.

WSSM:  What is your favorite design to date and why? 

LOLA BLAKE:  Definitely my Chick Sticks Hoochie Mod. That design was a Custom 5 fin option mini egg that I had shaped for me as a personal board and it turned out to be so amazing I added it to the line up at the last minute. It was a modified version of the Hoochie Mama, so I started calling it Hoochie Mod. That is really my flagship board now. It suits beginner to advanced, slop to heavy surf. If I had known it would be the Queen of the Quiver I would have given it a much better name!!

WSSM:  What are your future plans and goals?

LOLA BLAKE:  I have three Chick Sticks Skateboards now and I'd like to add a couple more Hybrid Boards, something Fun and Easy for Girls who Skate. I have a shaper and plan to introduce Snow Boards this fall. I'm working with a Factory in LA on my own designs for Board Shorts and down the road my To Do List includes adding SUP Boards to my Brand and growing my Surf School, wow, I have a big list. I'm basically pedal to the metal right now there’s so many opportunities and I feel Blessed to have the Support that I do and my Friends who encourage me. Most importantly I want to support other Girls in business and empower Women thru Surf, Skate and Healthy Lifestyle. That's my version of Girl Power and that's been my motto all along.

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